The Fatal Mistake 90% Of Job Seekers Make

Dear ,

I’m an HR Coordinator in a small company that is growing fast.

We’ve already hired 42 people this year and have plans to hire at least 50 more.

A few of our department managers have brought me Pain Letters they received and we have hired some of those applicants. Pain Letters that show a job-seeker’s awareness of our business and our issues are fine.

They are welcome, because they make our hiring process easier!

What bothers me are the people who write to me (because it’s easy to find my contact information) via LinkedIn or email and say all the standard, useless things you tell people not to say about themselves.

They launch into a self-promotional message that has no relevance to us at all.

These introduction messages could go to any company. They have nothing to do with us! If a job-seeker can’t take three minutes to research our firm and show the relevance between their background and our needs, we’re not going to interview them.

What are your thoughts, Liz?




Dear Samantha,

The sad truth is that job seekers have been taught such terrible habits for so long it is hard for them to change their ways.

The standard self-introduction message tends to look like this:

Dear Samantha,

I am a strategic, multi-skilled professional with seventeen years of experience in the aerospace, consumer packaged goods and legal services industries, and a proven track record of success….

Everything about this message is wrong.


Author: ITLogicPartnersLLC

ITlogic Partners L.L.C is a high-touch consultative recruiting firm that partners with start-ups, mid-market, and high growth organizations. Official website

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